Solutions to improve the efficiency and event experience for attendees, exhibitors and organizers.



We create incredible and responsive websites for every event. Our simple platform will allow you to edit content in minutes without needed prior programming knowledge.


Maximize results with our customizable registration that is optimized for mobile devices. The integration with social media allows attendees to become promoters of the event and streamline the data collection process. The registration confirmation can be integrated with QR codes or Passbook and can be sent by Email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Integration with Payment

Sell tickets without needing to leave your event’s main website. Choose how you want to divide the fee with your attendees. 

Integration with
Ticketing Platforms:

Concentrate your sales channels and monitor them in one place. Our platform allows for integration with electronic platforms and physical tickets; facilitating management and allowing you to reach more attendees. 


Promote your event through Email marketing, allowing you to carry out massive campaigns to your database. We use servers with the highest security ensuring the safe delivery and integrity of your data.


Organize your event in a simple, orderly and safe way. Manage quotas, registration, work zones, and identify who has entered the property.

Event app

Build a private community with our native mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Some features you can find in our app are: social feed chat between attendees, surveys, voting, agenda, interactive display of exhibitors, and real-time notifications.

and badges:

We have an extensive catalogue of bracelets, lanyards and identification elements that can be personalized with RFID, NFC, QR or Barcode technologies.

Table assignment:

Organize your guests with our table allocation system. When the guest arrives, the accreditation is scanned and the assigned table number is displayed.


Check In and

Our check-in allows an agile and efficient registration process being able to read QR codes, NFC tags, RFID tags, electronic lists of attendees, and physical ticket codes.

Real-time badge printing:

The printing of badges in real-time allows you to save time in the authentication process, improve the experience of participants and promote networking.

Interactive screens:

Keep attendees informed about the status of the event agenda, status of the sessions, presentation download, and interactive exhibitor plan. By integrating the screens with badge readers we can generate personalized content that is sent directly to the attendee.

Real-time Voting System:

Our web voting platform allows attendees to participate in real-time voting using their own mobile devices. The results are projected in real-time onto the event screens.

control of Kits and Souvenirs:

Avoid duplicate deliveries to attendees without kits using our application for delivery control. Simply scan their authentication, and the corresponding kit can be validated for delivery.

Interactive Welcome Greeting:

Welcome Faces is an interactive application that welcomes event attendees in an original and warm way in a fun animation. When reading the event's accreditation, the animated profile photo is shown along with the name and a greeting message.

Mobile Photographer:

Turn your guests into promoters of the event. Our special cameras allow you to take pictures of your guests, post them on their social networks or send the photos via Email or WhatsApp automatically. The photos are branded with the event’s design and can be printed in real-time.


Instabox is a hashtag printer that vitalizes the event by printing branded photos that are posted with the # defined for the event on Instagram and Twitter. It can also be integrated with mobile photographers to print the photos from the event’s photographers in real-time.


It is an interactive application that centralizes on the screens of the event the photos uploaded to social networks and photos taken by the photographers of the event in real time. This application can be customized with the identity of the event with different animation settings.

Interactive Raffle:

Avoid giving prizes to people who are not at the event. Our raffle platform integrated to the registration system, allows you to give prizes at random, or following the rules you define.

VR and AR activations:

We have a multidisciplinary team that will generate applications to surprise your assistants and generate data in a different way through the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies.


Event Metrics:

Analyze the results of your event using our web platform. Access graphs, reports, lists about everything you need to know about your attendees behaviour.

Sending Digital Certificates to Attendees:

Avoid duplicate deliveries to attendees without kits using our application for delivery control. Simply scan their authentication, and the corresponding kit can be validated for delivery.

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