Remote Events


Conduct Remote Events securely, professionally and with state-of-the-art technology using our video conference solution.

Corporate launches, webinars and conferences with networking are some of the events that can be managed with our solution.



- Share content in real time with a digital whiteboard.
- Live surveys.
- Group chat or 1-on-1.
- Intelligent Networking with "Automatch".
- Virtual Expo with Virtual Stands.
- Simultaneous workshops.
- Sending of certificate of attendance.
- Professional equipment rentals.

How do they participate in your video conferences?

- Invite your participants to register for a landing.
- Send direct invitations without registration.
- Send direct invitations not requiring registration.
- Sell tickets for your premium videoconferences.
- Stream from your company’s website and social media for mass participation.

Support for your video conferences:

Contact us through a direct chat with our technical team. We have video tutorials and a call center ready to help at all times. We ensure a quality and seamless experience, your only concerns will be the content of the conference and when to perform the next one!

Video conference equipment:

- We have equipment so you can share your conference in high definition.
- Next-generation networking equipment, camera, microphone and computer equipment.
- Create email campaigns with a confirmation button to participate.
- A video conferencing room can be managed if necessary.
- All equipment and locations are sanitized.

Validate the videoconference with your participants

- Perform automated, real-time assessments.
- Analyzes statistics to rate activity
- Requests feedback from participants to improve the next instances.

Certifies the attendance of the participants:

- Send digital certificates.
- Perform post-conference email campaigns.
- Certify the qualification obtained using evaluations for digital diplomas.

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