New Year's Eve Parties



New Year's Eve Parties

We offer you the possibility to surprise customers, employees and suppliers with a virtual event with fun interactive dynamics.


Our web platform allows you to monitor the status of the confirmations, who opened the mail, make reminders, etc. Also to know who was watching the event and for how long.

Technical coordination

Our team of technicians is in charge of carrying out all pre-event tests to ensure the best audio and image quality. Whether coordinating with remote presenters or in a recording studio.

Camera and recording studio service:

We have a multi-camera recording service with professional lighting and microphones to transmit from any location with the best quality, you can also choose to transmit from a fully equipped recording studio.

during the event

Transmission Platforms

We have the possibility of transmitting to networks such as youtube, facebook live, Zoom and instagram as well as to a private access website

Web of the Stream

The event's website can be private so that only your guests can see it or public so that it can be shared among all those who wish to see it. The website is personalized with the name of the event and the chosen colors. It has a player that can be viewed in full screen and a moderated chat to leave your comments and greetings.

Digital Photocab

The digital photocab allows guests to take fun photos and boomerang with their pc or cell phone with the custom frame and generate a gallery that can be viewed on the website of the event.

Interactive Quizz

The interactive quiz is a personalized trivia game in which participants play using their cell phone or computer. At the end of the quiz, a ranking with the winners is displayed.

Presenters and live talent

Includes presenters to encourage and motivate participants, live DJ's, cooking classes and more. We have an extensive catalogue of presenters and talent.

Interactive raffles

Our interactive raffle application allows you to generate real-time raffles among the participants who entered the event. The application is configured with the amount of prizes to be drawn. The presenter can start the draw through a web using a remote control. By pressing the draw button, an animation is produced with the prize drawn and its winner. The application is customized with the aesthetics of the event.


Thank You Mail

After the event is over we send an email to all the attendees with the message you want to share with them, we can include the recording of the event so they can relive it and put a link to your online photo album.

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