Private Streaming Platform

What is it?

The private streaming service is oriented to those companies that want to broadcast events by streaming on a private website, having total control over the content, branding and those who access it.

No matter if it is a webinar, concert, class or a conference the service is adapted to the need of each event.

How do I access the stream?

Using our registration and ticketing system

Uploading a list of participants via excel

Ticket sales:

Our ticketing platform allows you to sell in a simple and intuitive way.

Some of the features include:
Integration with local payment methods.
- Money goes directly to the producer's account.
- Batch management by quota and due date.
- Customizable sales site (agenda, sponsors, videos, photos, etc).
- Sending of link to access the stream with the confirmation of the purchase.

Mail with unique access link:

When confirming the registration or the purchase of the ticket the participant receives a 100% customizable email, with a unique and non-transferable link for access to the streaming.

In case of using the attendee upload method via excel when uploading the list, the emails are sent.

Additionally, if the participant's telephone number is available, the unique links can be sent via sms.

Quotas by Link:

With this functionality it is possible to assign a number of quotas for each link. For example, you can configure a link to work on three different devices at the same time.

Web of the stream:

The website where the streaming is hosted can be 100% customizable with the content and branding that the client wants. It is also possible to customize the domain where it is hosted:

The streaming video player allows to play events of up to 4000 people simultaneously in Full HD quality.

The player can be integrated with platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, RTMP, among others.

Graphs and Statistics

The graphs and statistics section allows you to see useful information about the event:

Number of people who entered the link.

Individual detail of stay in the event's website.

Chart of registrants by date.

Chat and questions:

Additional features include the ability to add a real-time moderated chat and a question section where the moderator can manage interaction with participants.

Types of Events:


Congresses, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, talks, press conferences, debates, speeches, forums.

Branding and activations

Brand and/or product launches, promotional activations at points of sale, digital activations, concerts and more.



Audiovisual production by connecting speakers from different parts of the world from your computer. Panels and Presentations. Expanding the quality of guests without borders. 


Advertising Sets

We have all the equipment for the transmission and recording of dj sets in a professional way (trays, speakers, cameras and microphones). 



With, educational institutions will be able to increase the engagement of their students through high quality online videos.



With, educational institutions will be able to increase the engagement of their students through high quality online videos.

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