Location: Arequipa, Peru

Customer: Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas del Perú

Date: 16 to 20 September 2019


The Mining Summit is the main dialogue space for Perumín 34, holding a capacity of 1,000 people. Main topics related to mining activity are presented, highlighting the positive impacts generated, the challenges faced, as well as the great opportunities that mining presents for the future sustainable growth of Peru; if a consensual vision of development is built at the country level that integrates as a key factor. Under the theme “Mining: Science, Innovation, Technology and Education” Conferences and dialogues will be presented by the main national and international experts, authorities and entrepreneurs who will meet at Perumín 34.

The main objective was to migrate from the traditional solution that handled the registration of companies and guests to a 100% digital solution that could streamline the process of registration, accreditation and access control, providing real-time information, give flexibility any changes required day to day and decentralize management and information handling.

Solution provided:

POS data collection system

Invitation to the party for consumers

Confirmation Form

Space to sub-invite up to
3 people

Registration confirmation with QR.

Sending invitation to sub-guests

No chance of these guys inviting
anyone else.

Confirmation with QR for sub-guests

QR scan at the entrance with NFC bracelet exchange

Bar bracelet scan for drink control

Mobile Photographer

Taking photos, scanning the wristband and automatically sending the branded photo by e-mail.

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