"The Rolling Stones Olé, Olé, Olé!

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

Customer: The Rolling Stones

Date: 15 February 2016


At the beginning of 2016 the Rolling Stones made the Ole Ole Ole tour visiting 8 countries and giving shows to hundreds of thousands of fans that more than 10 years ago did not receive the kings of Rock n Roll. We were present at the Montevideo edition providing our electronic access control service integrated to multiple ticket machines and the assembly of the wireless network around every stadium. 50000 fans attended this edition.

Solution provided:

POS data collection system

Invitation to the party for consumers

Confirmation Form

Space to sub-invite up to
3 people

Registration confirmation with QR.

Sending invitation to sub-guests

No chance of these guys inviting
anyone else.

Confirmation with QR for sub-guests

QR scan at the entrance with NFC bracelet exchange

Bar bracelet scan for drink control

Mobile Photographer

Taking photos, scanning the wristband and automatically sending the branded photo by e-mail.

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